~Meet Golden Girl~


To find me in private chat for a one on one session, look at my calendar and log into my public chat times to be able to schedule a private session with me. My private chat times can be scheduled any time that is convenient to you.
Please consider this type of consultation if you have detailed questions you would like answers to. In this forum it is private between only you and I and is never revealed to anyone.

Golden Girl became a medium, clairvoyant, channeling expert, and pet psychic at an early age. She discovered her calling when in high school. In addition to becoming a psychic, she took a degree in marketing, and has worked in accounting and with antiques.  Golden Girl began offering her psychic services 10 years ago. She has also been interviewed on the radio.
She inherited her psychic gift from her mother, who was a medium and pet psychic.  Growing up on a farm, Golden Girl developed the gift of speaking to animals.  Golden Girl understands the power of the sixth sense and the energy that surrounds her clients, and helps them to understand and tap into that energy.  Her strongest accomplishment is as a medium.
Her specialties include energy & tarot readings, medium and dream interpretation.  She gives advice on love and relationships, careers, family matters, and spiritual matters.

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  1. I’ve signed up ith you for the basics for now for a few reasons, first I’m not a idiot! But I aLso believe people have the abiltiy to know, see and feel things THAT some of us don’t allow in completely, for your mind has to be able to be open, and understood to grasp the qualities, I look forward to meeting you and truly hope we form a lasting bond, I’m also hoping you can guide me to the ways of helping me to become me! And learning a new way of living, o tired of being used, abused, taken advantage of nd scraping to make it! I want happiness for the rest of my time here on earth! Again THANKYOU , look or ward o our chats! Whitney Prillaman-lynch**~~**’

  2. You asked me to come and I came but have not been able to connect with you. You made it seem imperative for me to contact with you asap. I have tried only to fail with a great deal of anxiety and frustration.

    • Dear Noreen,
      Golden Girl is available in the chat room everyday except Tuesday. You can log on and see the schedule of when she will be on next. There are also other excellent psychics on line everyday if you schedule does not allow you to log on when Golden Girl is in.

  3. where can I log in to see golden girls calendar

    • Hello Robert,
      Golden Girl’s schedule is http://www.ESPchat.com in the psychic schedule. She also makes note of when she will be available under her profile on Private chat.
      Golden Girl is generally on between the hours of 2pm and 5Pm Monday thru Friday and then in the evening on Saturday and early afternoon EST. She is not available on Tuesday and her schedule may vary from week of to week so be sure to check the schedule on the site.

  4. You can contact customercare@espchat.com and they will help you. Also if you try to log on and it fails you should be prompted to get your password updated.

  5. Golden Girl,
    You asked me to come and I came but have not been able to connect with you. You made it seem imperative for me to contact with you asap. I have tried only to fail with a great deal of anxiety and frustration.


  6. do u believe that i can be someone special with your free research on my tarot readings this is Raul and my bday is NOV14

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