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About ESPchat

We are on online psychic services company, offering a choice of one-on-one, group and written consultations from experienced, committed and professional psychics and astrologers through a variety of esoteric tools.

Our mission is to provide a variety of online psychic services of the highest quality to our members to accommodate their specific needs and help them address whatever problems they may be facing.
Psychic consultations, tarot readings, angel readings, astrology readings, written consultations, private and group psychic readings, guidance, dream interpretations, psychic community, esoteric resource, advice on love and relationships, personal challenges, family, professional and spiritual matters and personal development.
Come visit us at our site and have  our psychics answer any questions you may have.

92 thoughts on “About ESPchat

  1. I am soooo happy I found this place! I think it’s more like, “you found me,” though! I carry a heavy load in life and now I have a place to get insight so I can get a grasp on the things to come! I love all the psychics here! They each have their own appeal and way of getting things across to help us in our life journey! I also want to thank you all for making this site affordable…a lot of us find ouselves in dire financial crunches these days and I feel this is truly a place that cares for us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Peace and Love to all you amazing, caring people who keep this site running smooth! Just me…Vicki R. 😉

  2. I just had my first reading EVER and it came from Iris. She confirmed everything that I know deep inside are really coming to pass. She gives me courage to keep on going and that things ARE going to get better in my future. Thank You Iris for the e-mails, without them I would have never taken the chance and I only wish I would have done this sooner!!!

  3. Trying to reach Iris,my email is down.:(

  4. ESP chat, has had an amazing impact on my life thus far!!! I am changing and trying to do better in my life. Also, I have to give thanks to God because he has also been helping me and working in my life. And, I would not have peace if it were for him and his amazing love and grace!!! Esp chat, is also an great way to receive counselling. There are times when i just listen and observe to learn something new that will help me in my life. Also, I journal everything that I learn from esp’s spiritual helpers as I like to call them!! Thank GOD to whoever’s idea this was on Esp chat. You guys have helped me and sooo many other people! Keep up the good work Esp!!! Some of my favorite guides are: Rae, Sophia, Fiona, Lilly, Nathlia, Golden Girl, Violet, and David. Thanks again to each and everyone or you!!!

  5. I am new at this – can someone help me move around – have send emails to espchat and have had no answers – help

    • I have looked up you email address in the ESPchat and could not find your account. Customer service is going to contact you. If you are a member you simply go to and log in then you can access the psychic chat room. If you have forgotten your password it will prompt you on how to get the password.

  6. yes i want to know if iam in a chat room that says its full that does not put me in line or will i be the next in line how do i get in line if its full

    • Hello Kim,

      If you go into a chat room and it is full you may want to go out and check another room to see if it is open. Be sure to take advantage of you fee private chat minutes as an inner circle member.

  7. I have been a member now for MONTHS BUT I CANT LOG IN!! ever!! I have tried many many times, I have contacted the support team, they sent me over and over again for my log in information , they give it to me and I try and keep trying with NO SUCCESS!! I has this happened to any one else on here?

    • Hello Lyn,
      You logged onto the site in December and again in March. You unsubscribed to ESPchat on 3/14 so if you have tried to log in since then you would not be able to because you no longer a member. If you were trying to log on in the chat rooms from a cell phone or notebook you would not be able to see the psychic; you need a computer or laptop that has Adobe flash for the video.

  8. How can I send my apologies to Gwendolyn for missing my one on one with her today? I had something come up that needed my attention immediately.

  9. They said that if you’re unsatisfied you will get your money back. That is a lie! I’m very unhappy that even there is no Support link or I probably wouldnt be posting this here

    • I am sorry that you are unhappy but I show under your email address Eric Heilner was cancelled by customer service and a refund request issued. ESPchat has a line on the web site to support and a great customer service team always ready to help members.

  10. I have written 2 emails and have never had an answer and I am a member, not an elite, cannot afford this level, There are some very good psychics that I enjoy but most of the time you cannot get on, they speak to you very down to earth and are helpful, but I also have had 2 that one gave me a lecture, and the other judged me, I just want a reading, I am intelligent enough to base my actions on reasonable requests and not made to feel that I am not capable of sound actions. If you check my calls, you will see that I just ask a question and just either say yes or ok. This scolding or a sarcastic remark just takes up time and is not necessary, I have been in business most of my adult life and would not talk to clients that way. Just so you are aware and hopefully this will not go on. Thank you, Faye504,

    • Sorry you did not receive the 3 messages sent you in response to you questions from customer service. You may want to check your spam box to see if they did not go thru. I am glad you like most of the psychics and if you find one that you are not happy with please switch rooms. There are at least 3 rooms open each hour. You might find one psychic’s style judgmental but that would never be their intent. The priority at ESPchat is to help our members.

  11. We are glad that you like David and Iris they are great psychics. Yes Gwendolyn does have a following who really enjoy the expertize in astrology. There are 4 rooms open at key hours and based on the need we will extend the times. All of our psychic team do keep as close to thier schedule as possible but occasionally someone with have internet issues or be sick and then they are replaced. That will reflect on the schecule on the home page. We also recommend our client pick a favorite psychic and see them in private chat.

  12. Sophia did a great Angelic presentation. I learned a lot.
    I’d like her to know, I am praying for her.
    It’s due to Melody, Milla, and Sophia that I am proudly going to be representing the South (Holy Angels) in a Healing Ceramony. Thank you, for all you do to help me to succeed in life. I am so glad I met ESP chat. 🙂

  13. I just want to say kudos to Vera. She is so genuine and open. A lot of people may not get her but she is absolutely honest with you. I can listen to her all the time. I do when she’s on. Thank you ESPchat.

  14. I really would like other members to know about DANA…her insight is second to NONE ! Her gift is truly amazing…I have been reading with Dana for the last 5 months and she has guided me through a very trying time in my relationship-EVERYTHING she has given me insight on has been spot on and the guidance she gave me lead me in the direction of my destiny. I personally recommend trying Dana for a true and authentic reading…you will not want anyone else..she is kind, compassionate, empathetic and will give you the truth.
    Thank you so much Dana and ESPchat
    she has truly made a difference in my life over these past 5/6 months.

  15. Hi i would like to know how to change my username, i would like to change it from Wanda9319 to nana128. is that possible or not? My e-mail is Thank You

  16. I am very upset with this site, there is no support at all. I cannot get into the chatroom and have written for support several times. I have yet to receive an answer to my proplem. When I go to the chatroom, all I get is a lago block with a question mark on it. I am very frustrated with this web site.

    • Hi Cathy,
      Your problem is that you have been trying to log on to the site with an android devise that does not use Flash. Flash is necessary in order to enter the public and private chat rooms. Customer service did respond but I think your message went to spam. I am going to have the issue you a refund for your membership.


  18. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, I have tried twice to chat with Mila. I have paid to be a member, so does that mean I still have to pay $3.99 per minute to talk to her?

    • Hi, you can’t reach Mila by phone. You need to log on to and then you can use the public chat room seven days a week to contact our psychics. You can look at the schedule and see when Mila will be on line and it is free to talk to her in the psychic chat room. If you want a private consultation with Mila it is $3.99 for annual members.
      Please contact customer service if you have difficulty logging on.

  19. I must say I’m a little upset with this site. First of all they say 48 hours for a reading, well it’s been 72 hours and NOTHING! I’ve invested $43 on this site for membership and my reading and I’ve not seen any reading! I’ve contacted customer care and have not received a reply. Maybe I will on here. I’m considering a refund and go elsewhere.

    • I am sorry your reading is late getting to you, Melody has been on a rare few days off and will get to you as soon as possible. Don’t forget you can log on to the site and any time and talk to one of the psychic about your issues and concerns. The schedule will show you when Melody and the others are available. That is a free benefit of your membership.

  20. need to chat withGwendolyn marla Robinson at m.I have tried for month to answer you and they would no accept my money you ask fo

    • I am sorry you are having problems logging on to the ESPchat site in order to contact Gwendolyn. For some reason your membership has not completed. Customer service is going to contact you and help you with the sign up process.

  21. come on guys, we had this problem before, the same problem again, I can’t get in, the problem was took care of but we are at the same point again

    • Your name and email address do not match our membership file so you must have a membership under a different name. Your problem logging on could be an internet issue not the site. Please contact customer service as we have suggested and be sure to give them the name you signed up under.

  22. Hi, I´m Nevena
    Thank you Elena, many blessings to you and your work. I promised to let you know how me and my son are doing after you did reiki on us. I´m feeling great and my son is also feeling better. He is much happier… and I´m sure it will be better. So I just wanted you and everybody to know that you did miracles for both of. We are very greatful. THANK YOU and MANY BLESSINGS.

    Love, Nevena

  23. Thank you all for the invitation to join the espchat , I feel honored. I only wish everyone knew me better, for the next year I’ll try to get to know as many as I can because it’s nice to get to know people like myself and knowledge is always welcome

  24. Reblogged this on rhondalee63 and commented:
    Do l need to leave him alone? It’s so hard to get him out of my thoughts I really have feelings for him . Just don’t know what to do ,my home life isn’t all that good . Been like this a long time now.

  25. I have been trying for 3 days to log on…it just wants me to subscribe again.

    • Hi Mary,
      I see you were on 12/1 so there may be a tech issue keeping you from logging on. I will let customer service know but you should contact them. If you are using Outlook we have had some problems with that server but customer service can help you with it.

  26. I am very fond of this website but I cannot login on my personal computer or on my laptop. I can get to the login screen but the box where I normally login is completely blank. I’m only able to log in today on my laptop. Please help. I would like to utilize this site.

    • You can not use your Ipad to access the chat room becasue it soes not have Flash. You should have not problems on a PC or regular lap to unless it is a browser issue. I will hve customer service contact you.

      • Ok what’s going on, I just purchased this last night and its telling me I’m expired??? I paid for this from my phone and now its telling me I can Not login to the website from my phone??? But it took my money, and they replied to me from an iPhone????


      • Dorothy,
        Your account shows active however if you are trying to log on or pay from your phone there will be a problem. The site is not yet compatible with iPhones. You need a PC or lap top to log on. Please contact customer service and they will help you.

  27. Can someone help me please? I am having trouble logging in. It keeps telling me that my username and password is incorrect. My email address is

  28. I just set my account up and was looking forward to a little peace of mind. first thing I see is “account suspended”. Very unsettling.

    • Hi Deb,
      Your account shows active and you should have no problem logging in with your user name and password. If you have problems contact customer service, you might have forgotten you password.

  29. This is ridiculous I have been trying for two days to get logged in and cannot. I can’t even find a place to cancel my subscription. This is totally ridiculous. I had an appointment with Mila and I could not log in. When I click the login button it brings up a page that says main menu which has nowhere to click.

    If I am charged I am going to see to it that you people are reported to the proper authorities.

    Carolyn Wehby

    • Hi Carolyn,
      I think your problem may be the fact that you have two different accounts with two different passwords. I see you have been on the site in past months with both accounts. If you have problems logging on there is a customer service phone number on the site ( 877 668-0781) plus you can send a message to They will be happy to help you sort out why you were getting error messages when you logged on for your free private consultation.

  30. I am a member and I have not received anything I was supposed to, free gifts 10 minutes free with psychic

  31. Hello, I have recently joined as member, I am not able to login. it says it has expired. I just signed up and paid. is there a reason for this? would love to know what to do . thank you,Margo

    • Hi Margo,
      We are not sure why but your account was changed to inactive. It should now be active again and customer service will be sending you an email to follow up to be sure everything is OK.

  32. I just joined also am I suppose to call for my free 10 ,min. or will someone call me

    • Welcome you have joined You need to log onto the site and then you can join a Group Psychic chat room any time. If you want a private consultation you need to click on Private Consultation on the home page. You can choose from the psychics who are on line or make an appointment. This is a live video site.

  33. I think Mila looks adorable with her short pixie hair style now.

  34. just signed up but when I go to a chat all I get is a black screen

    • Sorry you are having problems logging into the chat room. If you are using a notebook or mobile phone you will not be able to go into the chat rooms. Currently the site works only on lap tops and PC. I have asked customer service to contact you.

  35. I signed up with this site six months ago I never get a chance to log in every time I try is not allowing me to go to the chat but always I get emails from Melody ,Milla and Bethea telling me to join the inner circle ,How can I join the inner circle when I never get a chance to chat with non of them ? I called customer service and get tired , is like I paid for free I never called to cancel the services ,and I don’t think is fair. if any one can help in with the activation will appreciate it my email is .Thanks

    • I am sorry you are having problems logging on to the site. If you are using a mobile devise that is your problem. Customer service is going to contact you and help you log on or give you a refund.

  36. Hi

    where is reena? she is a gifted professional and always represented your firm and clients well. I see her with an hour here and there. When she was online in the past her rooms were always packed. Now we can find her to connect. From reading the bio’s she has a long history like your main readers (gigi, melody, gwen) and others. I am sure her clients feel the same way please add he back onto the schedule so your many clients can avail themselves of her/your talents.

  37. Hello,
    Glad you like Reena. She is still available in public chat, just log on to the site and look at the schedule for the week to find her. Her schedule may just be different from when you are used to finding her. If she is your favorite you can make an appointment to have a private consultation with her.

  38. Hi Espchat,
    Thanks for responding so quickly.Yes she is one of my favorites amongst others. I do see the schedule changed and as a result have had to make more private appointments to reach the consultants i have relationships with one being Reena. Please review my request and evaluate a schedule change in the range she was online in the past. As it worked for me it might be helpful with your other clients as well who channel with her. It appears she is not online as often as before. I used to check in with her on Saturdays when she had two straight hours back to back. Her room was always packed but if i joined early enough i would be able to connect.

    Thanks for considering my request.

  39. I just signed up and now all I get is a black screen. After ll the begging to get me to try and pay 24 dollars when I finally do try, a black screen. And I am using a home computer.

    • Hello Rhonda,
      I see that were a member in 2012 joined again. It looks like you are having a problem with you video when you logged into the chat rooms. The best thing is to contact customer service so they can help you.

  40. I joined and paid the $24 for a year in June 2014 and now I’m getting a message that my account has expired! I called the phone number listed but it’s no longer in service. Did you just take our money and run? What’s going on?

    • I see that you were in touch with customer service on 8/4 so I hope your problem was resolved. The phone number and our email are both working. Customer service will follow up with you to be sure that what ever created you problem logging on has been fixed.

  41. Hi Brian,
    If you have trouble logging on to the site there is a box at the top of the page that will help you. I noticed that the email address you used to log on is different than the one listed above. You might have set a different password as well. We can help you with your password. As posted on the site there is an email address and a phone number 877 668-0781 where you can get help. Customer service will be contacting you.

  42. How can i get customer care to answer my emails about cancelling membership. I only have a tablet and smartphone no laptop or desk top computer. I have been rrying to cancel since 9.24.2014 they dont tell you when you join it wont work on tablet or smartphone. I do not wish to be charged for something i cant access.

    • Tina,
      I am sorry you are having problems accessing the site. There was a glitch in the customer service server and some messages did not go thru. They will contact you today to confirm that a credit is being issued. Thanks for your patience.

  43. I was online tonight and Reena was kicked off system was dragging we could hear her but she was frozen then all of sudden kicked off. I now see she nor melody are on line. Can’t you guys fix this system it has been a problem for a long time. this same thing happened to sierra violet and kirstin several times.


    • Sorry that you are experience problems with the public chat room. It appears that Reena had problems with her own system. Some psychics have issues with internet providers and if this causes them to get bumped. Sierra just changed her provider to improve her service.

  44. Hi, I went today to consult someone today on an important matter, and found that I cannot get access. I last used it Sat. night, but only to listen to other readings, as I did not have time to wait for my own. I AM able to log in, but then when I try to go to Group Psychic Chat, it redirects to another page that tells me the following:

    “Your membership to ESPchat has expired. If you wish to continue taking advantage of our services, simply select your preferred membership option below. We look forward to seeing you on ESPchat.

    To continue using our services, please select the subscription option you prefer:

    Private Recurring Month Subsription $39.95
    Public Chat Year Subscription $24.95 FMF

    The ESPchat Team ”


    I paid for a 1 year membership at $24- on 3/25/14 (and I have your confirmation email and my bank confirmation email to validate this). I wrote to via email and also via private direct messsage on FB and got no response.

    I like having access and appreciate some of the wonderful talented readers you have. I want to be re-instated ASAP as this is clearly a glitch or mistake on your end. My membership should not expire until late March of next year, and I should be comped a day for every day I have lost access, which seems to be from Sunday, October 26th on. I use Firefox web browser and have never had a problem like this. (I do not have IE because this laptop has Windows 8 and now you have to have a paid subscription to use IE, WORD, Outlook etc. instead of getting a software download at purchase. That’$ Bill Gate$ for you.)

    Anyway, I would appreciate if someone can look into this as my year will not expire for another 6 months! Your confirmation from 3/25/14 is as follows:

    “For your records, your billing reference number is #ESP-2010302437.”

    it is under firebird22 which would be at a gmail dot com.

    Thank you!

    • Hello Pheonix,

      I apologize for your not being able to access the site. Your annual membership was in deactivated in error when you Inner Circle membership expired. We have reactivated the annual membership and you should be able to access Public Chat again. Your Inner Circle membership did not renew in October because the charge card did not clear. If you want to continue with Inner Circle you can rejoin with a different card. Looking forward to seeing you on the site again.

  45. First of all I joined because Melody said she could help me change my life and at that point I was lost so I gave it a shot after she convinced me that I would only pay $2400 for the year. Second I could never get in touch with her on a one on level. Every time I scheduled an apt with her she was never available then she asked me for more money to join the inner circle which I didn’t do because I had no proof of her existence. Then I logged on today to see that my membership had expired which I don’t understand when I paid $24 for the whole year and I had only been a member for one month.

    • Hi Joanna,
      I apologize, your membership was cancelled in error. You sent a message to customer service and they canceled by mistake. It is being restarted and they are also going to give you some free minutes in private chat. Melody is very much a real person, you can hear one of her talks on Youtube ESPchat Talk or log on to the site as hear her in the public chat room. Melody is on every night plus Saturday and Sunday morning. You can see her schedule on the calendar in ESPchat. She is not available during the day but there are 40 other great psychics to help you.

  46. I can’t login to the site at all. I just joined. Please advise.

  47. I have tried to get into my account and was told that my subscription experied. So when I tried to renew, I was told that my card was declined whenit should not be declining. I also already renewed my subscription back in January of this year. I have tried calling and emailing back but have not gotten anyone on the phone. I really enjoy this site and would like to continue using it. How can I go about fixing this?

  48. I’m waiting to speak with you iris.unfortunately I suffered a heart attack and can’t remember my username.I do not know how this works, so if anyone can enlighten me how I can speak with iris it sure would help.thanx very much

    • Sorry about your heart attack. ESPchat customer service will contact you and help you reset your username and password. Once you have logged on to the site you can look at the psychic schedule and see when Iris will be in a chat room.

  49. i have been a member for 2-3 years and love espchat and their people ….but with recent issues i have had trouble getting my membership renewed…i think there is a problem with the web site and customer service…..they told me my card and bank was the issue but i have changed cards and it still doesn’t work …with visa or mastercard…please let me know if anyone else is having this issue….and tell customer service so it would be more than my issue and they will look into it…thank you …SADLY waiting

    • Hope,
      Customer service will be in touch with you to see if we can sort why your card was not clearing. Your account has a different email address so they will contact you at both addresses.

  50. What happens when I go to my scheduled appointment but my psychic doesn’t show?

    • Pam,
      Sorry something happened and your psychic missed the appointment. You can schedule another but you do not need an appointment to speak to you a psychic. Log on to the site and there are group chat rooms open for you to join or you can look at which psychic is on available for private chat at that moment click on their name to start a private chat.

  51. i am still having problems getting on esp chat …my bank said they never received anything to decline please call me or email

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