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~Meet Iris~

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Iris has been practicing the esoteric arts for more than twenty years with an expertise in Tarot and Astrology. She began reading Tarot in her early teens and is a life long student of the esoteric arts.  Married for more than two decades, and the mother of two daughters, Iris has counseled many couples and families, and has helped many individual clients to enrich their intimate relationships, as well as advising on matters of career and creativity.


Iris intuitively understands the symbolism contained within the Tarot, and is well versed in its interpretation and application to real life matters. The gift of psychic intuition combined with a deep understanding of the healing power of the Tarot, allows for the highest level of guidance possible for those seeking advise. The symbolism found in the Tarot has proven to be a powerful tool in helping her seekers see more clearly and find their way.


Through the esoteric tools of the Tarot and Astrology, Iris provides expert advise in the areas of Love, Relationships, Career, Family, Health,  and Spiritual Matters.

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  1. Hello,
    I see that an annual membership was set up on July 5th so you application went thru. You need to log on to the site with your username and password. Contact customer service if you have a problem from there.

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