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Testimonials for Iris


“I just want to let you know that I just love Iris. She gives me so much hope and she seems to really know the tarot well. She just has such a vibrance. So glad that you guys have her! ” – MC

“…I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks for having this site…it has helped me immensely with my spiritual growth…I have learned soo much…my current favourite psychics are Melody, Helena, Ibiza, Golden Girl, Hazel, Ava and Iris…these ladies are all golden in my book and I thank them and you from the bottom of my heart for all the guidance and wisdom…I am a very happy customer lol…yours truly…”- L

6 thoughts on “Testimonials for Iris

  1. I wanted to say how much I appreciate the psychics on here and Iris is one of them that I think is in tune with the people she does readings for and has always given me a good reading with a lot of insight to it. Please keep her on here to continue to bring us her wonderful insight.

  2. Thank you for the reading Iris, you were so accurate that it was CRAZY!!

  3. what happened to my other 2 tarot cards. you were to let me know all results of my tarot reading.

  4. Ok I paid 24.00 & I haven’t heard a thing from you.

    • As a new member of ESPchat you need to log on to the site in order to hear from Iris or any of our psychics. If you have forgotten your password the site will prompt you how to access your password. However, I can not find a member with your name as you have listed or with the email address. You can reach customer care at 877 668-0781 if you need additional help.

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