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Testimonials for Melody


“I wanted to tell you how wonderful and right on Melody was and is with my readings-She had told me one of my Lucky days is July 1st and lo and behold I receive unexpected money in the mail and I am on top of the world, this is great! I truly enjoy learning from her about myself and other opportunities I might have missed without this site and her insight. Thanks again, also I don t have a problem with chat room as you can tell, I just didn t have any other options:-) “- SG

“I am very pleased speaking with melody in the chat room,on three occasions she alearted me on my family members health told me the dates to look out for on the first date i stuck around my mother her blood sugar went down to 30 that was extremely low a couple of days later my brother had a stroke and also needed medical attention then she told me again to kep a close eye on my mother again and again my mother blood sugar went down to 26 had melody not been precise with what she told me on all three occasions my family members would have been in comatose i commend her on her abilities to help us now i look for her each and every time that shes on the chat line i wanna take the time out to thank her for a job well done thank you melody” – S

“I have to tell you that I have been talking to Melody for a long time now. She has been thee most on target psychic. Everything she has told me has come true. Unlike others who are not very polite and cut you off like Gwendolyn. Priestess and Melody need to be on wayyy more often than they are. Priestess needs to be on more during the early afternoons and evenings!! Thank you, LG”

“This is NOT a COMPLAINT! I want to let you know just how wonderful Melody is and would like to see her have more time on ESP chat because she now has a huge following. It is not unusual in a two hour slot to fill up in the first minute she is logged on. This woman is amazing!!! After failing her registered nursing exam two times, my daughter opened an account to consult with Melody. Melody was the ONLY advisor to nail it on the head as to which date she should take her test in order to successfully pass. Not only that, when she was not sure she did well because the system kicked her out at the testing facility at the same question number she failed the two previous times, Melody was the only one to insist she will be celebrating and not to fear. It was the longest wait and on the day Melody said, my daughter received her results – She PASSED!!!! Had she failed on the third try she would have had to chose a new career because in IL you can only apply for that test a maximum of three times and my daughter does not have any money or means to continue her education at this time. Melody continues to guide and give me reassurance I am going to be okay as I go through a difficult and abusive divorce. My daughter and I cannot thank Melody enough for making a positive difference in our lives. She is definitely worth a million stars!!!!! “- DM

“I would really like to see Melody on more than what she is, everything she tells me does comes true and I am telling my friends to sign up for to go to Melody “Thank You-  B

“I just want to say that Melody was 100% correct in the reading she gave me. I think she is great!”  – LT

6 thoughts on “Testimonials for Melody

  1. I want to tell you how much I like ESP chat an every psychic here has been wonderful but Melody is by far my favorite because of here deep connection and care for her people. She is always in demand and sometimes I have a hard time getting into chat with her because of the amount of people who ask for her services. Please keep her on because she is a great psychic and always provides me with accurate information.

  2. B309 #39A Melody is always on the money with her predictions and accurate readings. I love her! I won a few dollars from her readings! Please keep her on beause she is so dearly loved!

  3. Hello I have a question about private chat. i have 10 minutes free when i make a appointment on day/time but on that day and time i don’t know how to get in private chat. can anyone tell me how to use my free minutes ? I really hope i can talk to Melody to see whats my future about and i’m really happy to talk to her

    • Hello Dan,
      When you log on to the site go to the tab for private chat. You will see the psychic on line have a pink OK button. If you click on the OK button it will take you to the private chat with that psychic. Just follow the directions from there. You will also see a list of who in in private chat on the side bar of the public chat room when you log in there. If you want to make an appointment with Melody, click on the Make appointment tab for Melody. (Melody is not available during the day Monday thru Friday, only nights and Saturdays) Set the time and day. You will receive a confirmation or cancellation. On the day of the appointment at the time log on to the site and check for the pink button by Melody’s name click on it and you will connect with her.

  4. hi molidy this is cathy,i was doing my chat with you when i got disconeted,07/20/13 at 814am hawaii time.i couldent get back on,it says chat room close..i sorry i hope the womt charege me for that chat..thank u cathy

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