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Testimonials for Gwendolyn


“Gwendolyn was awesome! She told me things that helped to reinforce my current track and renewed my hope and focus. Thank you – GS
From: Mrs. S. B. W (Marketing manager)

While you did my birth chart a few years back I was amazed. I thought to myself “Wow, cool, right on. I think Gwendolyn has been hiding out in my closet for the last 20 years!” At that time you gave me some much-needed guidance on my career direction. As a result, I went back to school to get my Masters in the field you suggested, and now have a great job. But what I remember most about your reading was that you said I was destined to have close family ties, and you were absolutely right. When I decided to get married, you looked at my fiance’s chart and gave me the green light. I’ve now been happily married for 14 years. When my daughter and son were born you also did their charts; it helped me to understand their unique qualities and needs; it has also helped me to steer my kids in the right direction.

From: Arlene G. (High School teacher)
I didn’t have the time or patience to sit through a full-scale reading, so I asked you to write up a two-page summary of important dates and events for the coming year. At that time I neither believed nor disbelieved what you wrote. Looking back I now realize how tremendously helpful your little report was. I made some new friends when you said I would, steered clear of a questionable financial scheme as and when you suggested, and had a great vacation because I left town on a day you said would be favorable.

From: M. C (Insurance executive)
(1) You saw me through one of the most difficult periods in my life. I was going through a very messy divorce, and my estranged husband was trying to rip me off for thousands of dollars. You patiently listened to all my problems, wiped my tears away, and gave me good advice. After each of my many appointments I always felt so much better. To top it off, you gave me a list of good dates to go to divorce court, told me whether or not the judge would be favorably disposed toward me on such and such a day, and you seemed to have a sixth sense about things my husband was hiding from me. Thanks to your advice, the judge eventually awarded me the money my ex-husband owed me, I’m free at last, and finally at peace with myself.
(2) When I talked to you the other day, I remembered a couple of other things you were accurate about. You told me I should be concerned with the health of my feet. This was correct because I had to have foot surgery a couple of months back. Also, in relation to a dispute with the IRS, you said I would get most, but not of all, of the money I claimed. Here again, your prediction was 100%.

From: Dolores A (Retired psychiatric nurse)
I’ve always been pleased with your accuracy and willingness to help me with my concerns. My granddaughter was born about five years ago, and my grandson two years later. Naturally, I made absolutely certain the birth times were accurate and came to you to get their charts done. You said my granddaughter was going to be very outgoing and charming, and that my grandson would be a very cute, but extremely quiet little boy. You were right on the mark in both cases. I don’t worry about the little boy not saying much, because thanks to you I know he’s shy.

From: Jackie M (Retired office worker)
When you looked at my chart recently, you said I was spending money like water, and that things had to change. How right you were! I immediately cut back on my spending and now my financial worries are over. Additionally, my husband was having a hassle with the VA as well as Medicare over medical reimbursements. You told me to fight back, to use my native Scorpio determination, and to keep bugging the insurance people until the situation was resolved to our satisfaction. You said April and May were the best months to bug them day in, day out. It was a lot of work, but thanks to you and your good timing, the insurance claims were eventually resolved in our favor.

From: Kim S (District Mgr., cosmetics company)
I recently asked if my horoscope showed whether or not the sales people in my district would sell more products than anyone else in the region. You looked at my chart and said I had a great group of women working for me (which was true), and that we stood a 75% chance of coming out on top. You were right, because we did! And as the district manager, my company rewarded me with fabulous prize — a pink Cadillac!

From: Beverly P (Attorney)
I was so amazed at your accuracy, I immediately decided to become one of your regulars and eventually sent my friends and even my mother and brother to you for advice. On several occasions you said I had a way with words, and that perhaps I should teach law or go on the lecture circuit. I took your advice in a round-about way, and thanks to your encouragement ended up having my own weekly radio show dishing out legal advice on a variety of subjects.

From: Anon
Gwendolyn is very good; two months ago i won $1K with her lucky days…

9 thoughts on “Testimonials for Gwendolyn

  1. Hello Gwendolyn
    I enjoyed our short time together,oh this is Carol. I wanted to continue but, I didn’t have the funds at the time. I liked your spirit and you felt like a beautiful person. So, I will be getting back in touch with you real soon.

  2. Hi Gwendolyn,
    This is Cheryl and you did a free tarot for me and I join ESP chat hoping to get that one on one with you and haven’t been able to yet.

  3. Gwendolyn, can you please contact me – Anne

    • Unfortunately Psychics cannot contact clients. please visit the public chat to speak with the psychics. Alternatively, you can also make a private chat appointment for an addition fee. Thank you.

  4. I would like to talk to you one on one gwendoyln I need some real anwsers. Thank you

    • Hello,
      You can have a private consultation with Gwendolyn on Just log on and you can make an appointment.
      You can also ask her questions in the group psychic consultation room when she is on line. Check the calendar for the next time she is going to log on.

  5. Hi,
    I love her 12 card spread ,very accurate , also she told me, my very lucky days, here I won some money, I very grateful for her being on esp. chat. I would recommend her to everyone.

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